Our Services

Lloyd Stanbury is licensed to practice law in Jamaica and the English speaking Caribbean. He has represented many internationally successful performers, artist managers, music producers and film producers, interfacing with other entertainment attorneys, record labels, music publishers, broadcasters, and entertainment business practitioners from around the world. Stanbury has also gained valuable practical insight into the business entertainment through his activities as an event promoter, radio station executive, music producer, artist manager, lecturer and researcher.

Entertainment Law

Expert legal services in the arts and entertainment industry is a critical factor to business success. Our law office provides representation in negotiating and drafting entertainment contracts, and the provision of intellectual property law advice to music performers, music producers, songwriters, film makers, actors, event organizers, music trade associations and media practitioners. Contact us before you sign the deal, or start a new industry initiative, and we will place you in the right position to advance your business globally.

Music Industry Consultancy and Business Training

The economic potential for development driven by activities in the cultural and creative industries provides excellent opportunities for developing countries. Appropriate domestic policy and institutional frameworks, and a trained and aware local workforce are however necessary ingredients for success. With over 25 years of international experience, Lloyd Stanbury is able to provide you with excellent services as a cultural industry development consultant, workshop trainer, researcher and conference speaker.