My first book, Reggae Roadblocks

My first book, Reggae Roadblocks

REGGAE ROADBLOCKS discusses key issues that have affected the development of the business of Jamaican Reggae at both the national and international levels. The issues raised reflect the perspective of the author, Lloyd Stanbury, from his vantage point as a Jamaican music business professional with substantial international industry experience. The cultural and political environment that gave birth to, and affect the development of Reggae music is examined, as well as the attitudes of local music practitioners to international mu- sic business structures, norms and trends. Particular emphasis is placed on the impact of Rastafari on the development and global marketing of Reggae music.

REGGAE ROADBLOCKS is targeted at persons directly and   indirectly involved in the business of Reggae at the creative and representational levels, as well as the ordinary Reggae music fan. It also pro- vides very interesting and informative reading for students, academics, and policy makers with interests in music industry development from a developing country perspective, in an era of increased globalization and digitization.

The issues highlighted are based on the experiences of the author in his activities as an entertainment attorney and music business consultant, and are gathered from his work over three decades in Jamaica, the Caribbean, Africa, Latin America, North America, Eu- rope and Asia. As a music industry professional, Lloyd Stanbury has functioned as attorney, artist manager, music producer, business consultant, event promoter, lecturer, researcher, media executive, and writer. He has worked with, represented, and met a wide range of creative and business practitioners in Reggae, who operate at both the local and international levels.

Despite the ground-breaking accomplishments of international music superstar Bob Marley, and the successes of other Jamaican artists such as Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff, Shaggy and Sean Paul, there is the widely held view among Reggae fans globally that the business of Reggae has struggled to provide commensurate economic and social benefits to Jamaicans.

REGGAE ROADBLOCKS discusses Reggae as a business, and the Jamaican music industry as a contributor to economic and social development. It is the desire of the author to initiate dialogue that will lead to the formulation of new strategies and solutions to grow a structured domestic Jamaican and international Reggae music industry.